Tamil brahmin dating

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She said "I love you" andquickly left, leaving me shocked, dazed but very happy & confused.After that, I simply didn't have the courage to look at Aunty in the face,when we ran into each other.After an hour auntycame with a thermos flask with hot soup.She had taken bath and was wearinga very thin white saree with flower prints and was wearing a whitesleeveless blouse with a white bra inside. Aunty, uncle and the whole family are very dark in complexion. After I was done with the soup, I toldaunty that I would take care of myself.Auntyhad pushed aside my dhothi and had my penis inside her mouth totally.I hadno idea what she was up to and was scared that she might bite it !

Thanked me and left the accessway with a smile on her face.When she got the ladder, we found that we couldn't stretch it in the narrowway. When I was climbing,she held onto my thighs from the back, since I was wearing shorts, her handswere on my bare skin.I started sweating because indescribable feelings thatwere sweeping my mind.Finally, I fixed the fuse by threading a new wire andlights came back ON, except for the access way, whose bulb when fusing outhad blown the fuse as well.She went and got a new bulb, I could see theoutline of her figure getting darker as she came in and supported me and theladder.

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