Teen cybersex dating

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Sexuality is normal, and she's exploring it in a completely non-physical way. She is being sexually abused via on-line and that is not ok. Hey mamas and papas, I'm asking here for some advice for a friend of mine.She and her daughter already have a hard time relating and she doesn't want to put more distance between them, but she can't figure out what to do to keep her daughter safe, and her mama heart is broken. My first thought is to eliminate the computer completely. She needs to be restricted from using the system until she can prove she has enought responsibility to use the machine properly.

I also agree w/ not making her feel ashamed of her sexuality but rather approach it from the safety angle.I wishh kids understood the danger that it really out there.I am not sure what I would do in that situation (and thank goodness I have a little while before my boys are of age) it is just sad because there are so many creeps lurking around the net and taking advantage of young girls all the time. If the password is changed, or email is deleted, that stuff doesn't matter.I would have been mortified if my parents found what little illicit stuff I was engaged in, but it might have benefitted me to have a little "chat" with them (even though I was 18).These points come to mind, off the top of my head: - "We understand that you're curious / this feels safe / etc." - "We're concerned that you not put too much time and energy and effort into this... I'm perfectly safe" she needs to be reminded that these are very experienced adult men out there skillfully preying on girls JUST like her, and they are often very successful.

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