Teen dating abuse awareness week

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It educates students on the warning signs and dangers of teen dating violence, and how to get help if someone is at risk.

Definition Any behavior in a romantic relationship that is intended to establish an unequal balance of power and control.

You will find: • A “how to” for organizing your Teen Dating Violence Awareness Week • Educational information on teen dating violence • Tips and ideas for making your project a success • Possible activities that could be carried out during that week • Handouts such as: brochures, hotline cards and posters • Questionnaires that you may copy and distribute to students • A resource list for more information In this toolkit, you will see notes in the margins, giving you more information or ideas about certain topics.

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copyright 2009 Sample Teen Dating Violence Awareness Week Activities Monday • Morning announcement: Introduce the week’s goals, contests and activities • Teen Dating Violence Awareness Week assembly • Poster Contest** • Lunch activity: Dating Pledge/ Flyers** • Karaoke activity ** Tuesday • Morning announcement: Statistic and activity of the day • Watch video from WWW. ORG • Lunch activity: Don’t Keep it Bottled Up** • Teen Dating Violence Questionnaire - Participants are entered into a raffle.** Wednesday • Morning announcement: Statistic and activity of the day • Remind student body to wear purple to be entered to win prizes** • Jar of candy activity** • Film Festival** Thursday • Morning announcement: Statistic and activity of the day • Lunch activity: Tug-of-War** • Raffle • Prizes for people participating, wearing purple Prevent Child Abuse Utah can present a free assembly on teen dating violence.

Set your dates • National Teen Dating Violence Awareness Week is the first week of February, but choose the week that works best for your school. Plan activities for the week • Decide what type of activities you want to use • Create timeline for Teen Dating Violence Awareness Week • Identify activities that may need administrative approval or sponsorship • Set specific dates for contests Many activity ideas are included in the “IDEAS” area of the toolkit. Decide what supplies you may need to carry out activities including: • Brochures/handouts • Awards and prizes • Cards with hotline number for each student • Questionnaire 8.

Contact community organizations that can help present information • Prevent Child Abuse Utah (801-393-3366) • Other organizations in your area 9.

We hope you find this toolkit helpful in your efforts to educate, inform and assist students, as well as eliminate teen dating violence.

Please feel free to call us if you have any questions or need any help in conducting a successful Teen Dating Violence Awareness Week!

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