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Professor Chang has contributed many insights into this early evolutionary period.“My work falls into the category of pure science,” she says.Pneumonia affects 36 million children across Africa each year, and is fatal in more than 700,000 children globally, with nearly 60% of these deaths occurring in Africa.

One of her earliest contributions involved a common impediment to treating children with asthma: the lack of “spacers” that enable small children to breathe in inhaled medication at a natural rate.It took some time for other palaeontologists to share her view, but the significance of the discovery to evolutionary theory raised Mee-mann Chang’s profile in the field.The American Museum of Natural History placed a replica of one of her specimens, "Diabolepis", together with a photo of Chang in the cabinet for “lungfish and relatives”, which is on permanent display in the Hall of Vertebrate Evolution.Researchers from all over the world are invited to nominate candidates.The final selection is carried out by an independent jury made up of distinguished members of the scientific community.97 laureates have been honoured, distinguished for the excellence of their scientific work. Blackburn and Christiane Nüsslein-Volhard – have won Nobel Prizes for science.

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