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They all suggest using methods other than the Citrix Polices to make this work.That will not work for me since this is what I am trying to do: I need to create 2 different Idle session timeout policies: 1.Depending on the type of network connection (internal, LAN, WAN, it may be best to increase the parameter value. If, on the other hand, a value is too high, the network connections will be very slow and the performance of the server will suffer. If the PROCTIMEOUT parameter is not specified, TIMEOUT (or icm/keepalive_timeout) defines the keep-alive timeout as well as the processing timeout.The processing timeout specifies the timeout between sending an HTTP request and receiving an HTTP response. Moreover, the keep-alive timeout is restricted to a maximum of 60 seconds.I applied the filter to the policy of client name WI*.When I tested connecting from a Web Interface, I noticed I do not get my client drives mapped (thus proving that the policy is being applied).here is what i'm doing so far : D:\Downloads\Compressed\dnscrypt-proxy-win32\-L D:\Downloads\Compressed\dnscrypt-proxy-win32\bin\-R opendns -a[NOTICE] Starting dnscrypt-proxy 1.4.3[INFO] Initializing libsodium for optimal performance[INFO] Generating a new key pair[INFO] Done[INFO] Server certificate #1408041567 received[INFO] This certificate looks valid[INFO] Server key fingerprint is 8277:3D34: FC25: B83C:83DC:98A68: AA0A:2C18:6C17: D7BE8: CD63[NOTICE] Proxying from 127.0.0. to 2.23 as you can see, everything is fine.

Note that because this value is higher than the „Idle Client Timeout“ setting it will ensure that truly idle client sessions will actually time out after 10 minutes.

Internal network users who connect using the Online plug-in: idle session timeout none end disconnected session none 2.

Web Interface user idle session timeout 5 min end disconnected session 30 min, That is my goal and this is how I tried to make it work: I started the Group Policy Management Console with the Citrix plugin.

as their first step, they use DNS Hijacking / Redirection, their next plan is "national proxy server" to control all internet traffic. timeout was 2 seconds.*** Request to Un Known timed-out i got this reply instead of the IP address of Please help me.

That is why DNS setting on TCP/IPv4 was rendered useless.

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