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" to 1" wide and 1" high made possible by the use of a multi-lens camera with repeating back which therefore could produce multiple exposures on a single photographic plate.In terms of quantity, the gem was the most prolifically produced form of photograph in the 1860s in America.Fewer than 20% of all mounts listed the photographer's or studio's details, a lost opportunity for advertising that was not missed by most photographers who produced regular cartes de visite.Rather then being offered by the studios as a sideline to other photographic processes, dedicated ferrotype galleries became the norm. Wing was granted a patent for an improvement in his camera's design on May 26, 1868 and refinements continued to be made on it (see this Simon Wing camera page).

The patent was purchased by Simon Wing who had already patented a camera design of his own in 1860.

Eventually failing to win in a high court case, Wing had to put up with other players entering the field and multiplying cameras comparable to his own were eventually made by the American Optical Company and E. Wing's Photograph & Ferrotype Rooms operated in in Toledo, Ohio from 1869-1882 and a studio in Freemont, Ohio operated in 1883.

Wing opened studios in Monroe, Michigan in 1870 and in Chicago in the same year although that studio was devastated by fire in 1871, but Wing remained in business there until 1900. Wing's ventures spread to the west where a studio was opened at 187 J St., Sacramento in 1874 under a partnership with Bennett Graham Allen (b. c.1882 California) who had managed Wing's Detroit studio in 1872.

c.1831 in Belgium) that was issued in 1862 as a pamphlet and also as an appendix to the third edition of his "Treatise on Photography on Collodion".

Simon Wing (c.1827-1911), a native of Maine is first listed as a daguerreotypist in the 1850 census in Orangeville, Michigan. He later moved to Worcester, MA where he was in partnership as Wing and Ellis (probably with Lemuel W.

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