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But Beatle George Harrison found it all a bit too much to bear when he was hit in the eye by a boiled sweet.

The band's fear of being injured by the 'dangerous' Jelly Babies that were pelted at them has emerged in a letter which spent the last 46 years in a shoebox.

She said: 'This is a wonderful, personal letter during the early fame of The Beatles and it shows how George Harrison appreciated his fans.'He must have received many similar letters but he has taken time out to reply to all the sender's questions.'He reveals that he sang the wrong words on one track and that they really didn't like sweets being thrown at them.'He also explains that contrary to public opinion the band did try to persuade Ringo to sing and dance while one of them played the drums.

But he said he thought Ringo was too scared.'This wonderfully touching letter is a highly desirable piece of memorabilia and there will be lots of collectors wanting to get their hands on it.' The sale takes place on June 17.

And throughout its shifting cultural allegiances, pastrami on rye has remained the Bed-Stuy counter joint’s most popular item.

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I was hit in the eye once with a boiled sweet, and it's not funny!

Her second album, Identified, was released on July 1, 2008 in the United States.

Whether it's underwear from swooning fans or bottles from angry crowds, rock bands have long had to dodge items thrown onstage by the audience.

Karaoke nights also make it a great spot to send a musical message to the object(s) of your affection. Or, just make like Sam Malone that time Diane broke his heart and he fell off the wagon and sidle up to the bar.

This neighborhood gem has a sexy ‘70s Vegas vibe... Tiki drinks were made for love, and this beachy spot raises the tide with its tropical decor.

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