Updating address on driving licence

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As you probably know, your address is featured on both your Provisional Driving Licence and your Driving Licence and is a way of the DVLA identifying both you and your vehicle.

So if your address changes, it is important to notify the DVLA of this.

To record your new address, fill out the details in section six of the V5C log book, please note the DVLA wont accept join names or a post office box addresses.

Sign and date the declaration which can be found in section 8, and then send the whole thing back to the DVLA.

Updating your licence information can be done online using the V5C vehicle log book via the website.

“Drivers are required by law to let the DVLA know if they change their name or address,” said a DVLA spokesperson.“The DVLA then issue a new licence for free.“If a driver fails to notify the DVLA of changes they could face a fine of up to £1000.”If you apply online the new licence will arrive between one to three weeks.

When you tell us that you have changed your name, address or gender, all products you have with the Department of Transport and Main Roads in your name will be updated, including your: There is no fee payable to change your name, address or gender.

UK drivers must inform the Government agency whenever they relocate – even if it is temporary, like a move to university during term time, for example.

Changing an address with the DVLA does not cost you a penny – but it is vital to avoid getting stung with a fine.

If your vehicle registration (tax) is paid to the DVLA via direct debit they will need to be notified in order to ensure the payment is still made.

By visiting the DVLA website you can start the straightforward process of changing your address.

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