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You can’t install the 64 bit drivers when you already have the 32-bit drivers and I don’t think you can get anything good to happen by uninstalling the 32-bit drivers. All three (or four if you include Visual Studio) must be 64 bit.I gather that one way out of this Catch 22 is to first install the 64-bit Office 2010 ODBC/Ole DB drivers and after that the (32-bit) Office, but there is a better fix that involves tweaking the registry. The ODBC Excel driver in ACE works with the latest Excel spreadsheet format up to 2010 as well as the old ones.

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Formats include Access, CSV, delimited, DBase and Excel For developing on a general-purpose 64-bit desktop computer, you’re likely to hit a very silly Microsoft muddle.

It is reasonably easy to insert data from Excel into SQL Server, or the reverse, from any other ODBC database to any other, using Power Shell.

The most important direction is from Excel to SQL Server, of course.

This means that you need pull far less data into SQL because you can do a lot of selection and pre-processing before the data gets anywhere near SQL server.

If, for example, you only need the total, count, and variance of a day’s readings, then why on earth would you want to import more than those aggregated figures?

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