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If you are an Office 365 subscriber you probably have click-to-run. Version and build numbers of update channels How to switch channels for Office 2016 Pro Plus.MSI versions update through Windows updates as long as you have the Windows Update option selected to, "update other Microsoft products." If you have the click-to-run version it updates independently of Windows updates. It is not possible to update Office 2016 and above through Windows Update if you have a Click-to-Run Office 2016 license.

To upgrade, you will need to use the Office website and sign in with your Microsoft account.

In the past when I was using Office 2013, Office 2013 was automatically updated through "Windows Update" under Settings. For Office 2016, I have to update it by going to File- There are two versions of Office installations.

There is the MSI version, and the Click-to-Run version. Turn ON or OFF updates for other Microsoft products.

Office 2016 brings welcome uniformity by making the Mac version nearly identical to the Windows version.

You can easily update your existing Windows installation but all that will do is give you the latest version.

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