Updating project communication plan

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As project managers, we all know how important communication is.It broadcasts project progress, statuses and very importantly – project risks and mitigation plans – to all concerned.The overall objective of communication is to create a two way flow of information and to use the dialogue to channel efforts in the right direction until the objectives of the project have been achieved.” in the above sentence.It’s absolutely important to be clear in your message so it gets understood.sending an email, sending a newsletter or having a face-to-face meeting).Sometimes, as project managers, we don’ sit down to think of these matters. It makes explicit many of the decisions we would otherwise have to waste time thinking about.I think this is fine if you’re running a small project, but for large projects, knowing WHO your stakeholders are is absolutely critical. This is simply an additional field to the Stakeholder Name.

Well, for me, it’s definitely project communication.The six months timeline was absolutely crazy – so as you can imagine, things were “rushed through” – we could hardly get the requirements document, gap analysis, test scripts and deployment plans ready in time.As you could imagine, that meant I didn’t have time to think about my communication plan AT ALL.So trying to communicate to a large number of stakeholders is inherently difficult to do.The other thing that derails our project management communication plans? As a project manager, you’re constantly assailed with tasks that require your attention.

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