Updating root zone file

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After firmware update, we advise you to do this procedure. Download: Zappiti Player 4K Firmware version "20151103 OS2.3 b6"... Factory reset can be also useful if you get some stability issues or when the "Settings are stopped" message appears on start-up. This operation resets all your player settings (but keeps your Zappiti Video collection intact). Improved automatic switching of audio output format (between Bitstream and downmix) and elimination of manual audio switch mode that disabled the automatic swich mode. So please copy the IMG file on the 2 partitions to be sure that the player will see it on the boot sequence. Switch off the Zappiti Player 4K by using the Power On / Off button located on the back side. Connect the USB flash drive into one USB 3.0 port located the left of the unit and disconnect the network cable. Press the reset button by using a paper clip (small hole located on the side of the unit). Thank you to carefully read all of this procedure first! While holding the reset button, turn on the player via the power button on / off at the rear of the unit. Then please follow the process step by step by reading them one more time. Connect the flash memory to a free USB Host port of your Zappiti Player. Please disconnect all your other devices and HDD (internal / external) connected to your Zappiti Player before to start the firmware update process. Note : more info on Zappiti Player Quick Start Guide 7.

To format USB Flash drive (up to 4GB) in FAT32, Mac OSX create 2 partitions. Unzip the file with Win Zip (or Win Zip Mac Edition for Mac users) and place the all files at the top level (root) of an USB flash drive (up to 4 GB) formatted in FAT32. Connect the USB flash drive to one of the USB 2.0 port of the Zappiti Player 4K. Connect your Zappiti Player 4K directly to your TV in HDMI instead of your AV Receiver. Start the Zappiti Player 4K without pressing the reset button. Fixed the reversal of the keys PAGE UP / PAGE DOWN to switch to the NEXT/PREVIOUS chapter. In the SETUP menu, go down the page with PAGE-, then select "i" icon and press ENTER. On the info page, you'll find the firmware version. (Please set your Zappiti Player 4K resolution in "1080p @ 24Hz" mode). If you use it you could see the warning message "Fatal Error" when lauching Zappiti or Explorer app. Note: this beta version doesn't support the Reset Factory Default function. Zappiti Explorer is now a standalone app available from the home page. Removal of most default apps (it remains possible to add additional apps via Google Play).

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