Updating site animation

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The only easing implementations in the j Query library are the default, called , each property can take an array as its value: The first member of the array is the CSS property and the second member is an easing function.If a per-property easing function is not defined for a particular property, it uses the value of the The first button shows how an unqueued animation works.It accepts two arguments ( is a string naming an easing function to use.

Check to see that the file is in the website folder and also the Make sure you have uploaded all the files from your website folder into your hosting space.

This topic contains the following sections: For the complete API reference, see Windows Animation Reference.

For example code, see Windows Animation Tasks and Windows Animation Samples.

By fixing the dimensions of the original element being hidden however, it is possible to ensure that the animation runs smoothly.

A clearfix can be used to automatically fix the dimensions of your main element without the need to set this manually.

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