Updating xml file using c

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Load(); Now, choose the most suitable method for you to find the elements or attributes you want to change: // For example: Xml Node List elem List = xml Document . But you made a mistake: In my sample xml file: elem List[i].

Also another alternative is As I understand you need to add/delete/update the xml file. After that i want to be able to read every text ( see xml file) to buid an text file like this: The Distinguished Gentleman; Her Alibi; Other People's Money I personally would use xsd to generate the stub classes for your XML fragment, then use the XMLSerializer class to serialise and deserialise the data back and forth.

I set out to determine how many different ways there are to parse XML using .In this program it search the Node and its child Nodes and extract the data in child nodes.Parsing XML files is an unglamorous task that can be time consuming and tricky. NET, programmers were forced to read XML as a text file line by line and then use string functions and possibly regular expressions.Hi, Use Xml Document to load the xml and then navigate through it to find the element that contains the value you want to change. After creating the xml document, set its Preserve Whitespace property to true: System.

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