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"Well, you know what this man said when I told him a blowjob costs extra? I SENTENCE HIM TO 40 000 knees to the groin, followed by two hours as a punching bag and a fatal smother under our asses. " ANNOUNCED LADY JUDGE THREE while sitting down for the first time onto her 4th victim already.

"The last one for this morning" announced the young female courtroom attendant.

"The afternoon session starts at 2 pm after lunch." "We are ready.

Let's see our first defendant of the afternoon now please" announced one of the Lady Judges.

Each of the five big lucious female judges is sitting on the face of and smothering a male even while presiding over these cases.

"Lets see our first case then" announced one, who's ass was pressing down heavily on a man underneath her - he was being crushed, suffocated and humilated to death all at the same time.

The six girls knew each other, so they waved to each other on their way out and in. " demanded the 7th Judge, while wiggling around and getting comfortable on top of her 3rd victim. "I sentence him to 400 knees to the groin, followed by a punching session to break his nose, lips, eyes, jaws and remove all his teeth, followed by a fatal smother under our asses. " "Well, ..." started a 2nd little girl of 18 "this one said I wasn't allowed into the nightclub because I was wearing ..." - ENOUGH!

"Well, this one here" one of the young girls pointed at a man with a gag, four freshly used tampons in his mouth and with his hands cuffed behind his back "well, you know what he said to me when I asked him why he hadn't asked me for a dance ...? I sentence him to 400 knees to the groin, followed by a fatal smother under our asses. " pronounced Judge Three, as Judge Two was busy punching her 4th victim while sitting on him and crushing his testicles under her shoe. and he threatened to shave off my hair while I sleep" - ENOUGH! knees to the groin, followed by a fatal smother under our asses. " she asked while the other three were being taken away, their heads low in digrace.

" She had already ended her first seatcushion of the day, and was now in need of another. Each one chucked the dead men from under them into a cute that went to a nearby swamp, and the court hands placed their next victims under their asses, ready for the final part of their sentences. " - The obese woman continued "well he called me a ..." - "ENOUGH!

The male was tied up and he had two used t AMPONS and two pairs of freshly worn panties in his mouth. " - "Well, my husband has been flirting around and he also forgot to..." -"ENOUGH! Gagged behind her was a 46 year old man, her uncle. " said Judge Number Four, not realising yet that her 2nd victim had already died under her ass. " shouted Lady Judge Number Five, I hereby sentence him to 400 knees to the groin, followed by a fatal smother under our asses. " Both were again led away, the girl with a grin and a lively stroll, the male with his head and arms hanging, being led to a torture cell around the back. Then in walked a group of three girls, all 18, and all dressed to kill in their short skirts and long hair bunches. One of them was a waiter who had shortchanged the girls after a meal, the other was the chef, who had allowed both his hair and sand into the soup.

" SAID JUDGE THREE, JUST FINISHING OFF HER FIRST VICTIM, "I sentence him to 400 knees to the groin, followed by a fatal smother under our asses. In a matter of seconds, they too are sentenced to ballkickings by the girl who took him to court and lethal smothering under the asses of the Lady Judges.

Before calling in the next defendant, all seven finished off the men they had been sitting on and had another man delivered, who they promptly sat upon.

The next seven convicts are led out and placed under the asses of the lady Judges. while the threesome were leaving, another threesome of girls from the same class walked in, as did four more defendants.

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