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But I can assure you, none of these Hollywood stars promote any of these fly-by-night wrinkle creams scams, much less use these garbage creams. These scam artists use his pictures, video clips, fake quotes, anything to make you believe that Dr. I get countless emails every day from women saying “I ordered Dr.There are also Youtube clips placed conveniently for credibility, but irrelevantly. Oz’s serum and now he billed me , what a jerk for being involved in these scams.” Truth is he’s NOT responsible, because these are not his creams.Lifecell is a a reputable skin care company that’s been around for over a decade.I’ve used it extensively with great results (over 6 years to be exact, LONG before these 14 day free trial scams tarnished the nature of a free trial).Again the difference is Lifecell gives you 30 days and offers a great product, and has friendly customer service agents if you wish to cancel. It also gives you the option to order an eye serum and if you click NO it adds it to your cart and you pay 89.95 for it as well. After reading your article on this scam I called the number shown on the charge to my bank and was able to reach customer service to cancel my subscription.It’s super helpful if you do leave a review, please list the name of the cream or product, and a phone number to cancel if you have it. I got a whopping 0 come out of my account after the 14 days and it took my bill money. they begin with free trial.only pay for shipping, in very small print they will charge you full price if you dont cancel within certain amount of days then will fight your bank for refund which will take over 90 business days. I ordered a sample of the anti-wrinkle cream and eye cream. They would only refund 50% which meant I was charged for one product 9.83.Oz Calls this a Miracle Cream,” or “Katie Couric’s Backstage Secret,” or “Shhhh Don’t Tell Covergirl.” The latest scam is the “as seen on Shark Tank” creams.

Even if you choose not to have your activity tracked by third parties for advertising services, you will still see non-personalized ads on our site.In this article I will articulate how this of “short-term” (12-14 day) free trials suck you in, how they function, and why I don’t like 99% of them.Since there are some women who wish to try something before they buy – the ONLY free trial I recommend is Lifecell Anti-Aging Treatment.For example, there is one video of Ellen Degeneres floating around to boost the claim that she’s promoting a specific eye cream, but if you watch the video you will realize that she’s merely doing a comedy stand up act where she jokes about what a klutz she is when she uses an eye cream (in a general sense). Oz (or any other celebrity) is in a wrinkle cream ad, it must be true right? These are crooks and liars using his name to sell their products!Don’t fall for the latest “as seen on Shark Tank” creams.

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