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The absolutely inhuman and dangerous methods those SERE "experts" devised proliferated to the U. military which, together with the CIA, used them on alleged enemy combatants in Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo and other places. (During the 1960s the CIA itself developed additional "scientific" torture methods and published them in the . At the end of World War II the Japanese biological warfare Unit 731 was taken over by the U. military: [General] Mac Arthur struck a deal with Japanese informants—he secretly granted immunity to the physicians of Unit 731, including their leader, in exchange for providing America, but not the other wartime allies, with their research on biological warfare and data from human experimentation. Jefferey Kay, a psychologist and author living in northern California, dug them up and recently published them (recommended) on the web for the first time. media and the public have a general amnesia whenever it comes to U. Remember the UN resolution on Korea only got through the UN security council after amerika provoked a 24 hour soviet walkout, the Soviets were barely out the door before amerika pulled out a pre prepared motion then lent on its puppets states to invade Korea as a UN 'taskforce' - the PRC wasn't admitted to the UN until 1971 although China is one of the original charter members of the UN from back in 1945. For the record, given we're likely to hear from '24 Hours' fans: Coercive Interrogation (Torture) does NOT work. Coercive techniques were not widely used by NK/China during the Korean War. Coercive interrogation techniques, ie Torture, were widely used prior to Kubark circa '60.According to the Senate Armed Services Committee Report (pdf) on U. torturing of prisoners at Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo and CIA black sites, SERE techniques originated in Chinese Communist methods in the Korean War employed to extract false confessions from captured U. American occupation authorities monitored the activities of former unit members, including reading and censoring their mail. You can read them here: It is the purpose of this article to consider the validity of these [U. military denials] in light of the research which we conducted in preparing our recent book, The United States and Biological Warfare: secrets of the Early Cold War and Korea. torture in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere derived. Once again amerika pressured the europuppets to go along with giving China's seat on the security council to the mock-state of Taiwan known back then as Formosa - the name it had before it was invaded by criminal gangs fleeing Mao Zedong's revolution. For example in Iran after the overthrow of Mossadeq '53, and thru SAVAK up to the Iranian revolution of '79, and in isolation were a major contributor to the actual overthrow of the Shah in and of itself.There are no ordinary people in our random video chat!All those who joined us are eager to meet people on live chat no matter how they found us: by themselves, on friends’ advice or out of curiosity.He doesn’t just talk the talk, either – Brown’s music is known to incorporate elements of rave, EDM, grime and indie-pop; particularly on his last album, 2013’s Now, Brown is finishing up his fourth album, with a projected Q3 2016 release date.Group Video Chats Setting up group video chats with your friends has never been easier.Make unlimited video calls and stay in touch with your loved ones for free!However big your gang is, ICQ has got room for everyone.

General Mac Arthur denied any use of biological warfare agents. Airforce and Navy had established training courses in Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape (SERE) for pilots that might be captured by enemies. What I just described about North Korea is pretty typical. Senator who argues for "preemptive" strikes against North Korea's missile program without any regard for the people who's life would be destroyed by them: “It would be bad for the Korean Peninsula. This last trip in late Fall I noticed a difference in the way people responded when in response to their inquiry I said I was an American.

That North Korea seeks "weapons of mass destruction" is quite understandable when one takes into account the hundreds of thousands tons of napalm used against it. Biological warfare agents, primarily anthrax, were dropped over North Korea and China and killed civilians. An important piece of evidence of this trail was recently and for the first time re-published on the web In the 1950s war on Korea heavy air to air fights were waged near the Chinese border which led to significant losses of airplane on both sides especially along the Mi G Alley: USAF pilots nicknamed April 12, 1951 "Black Thursday", after 30 Mi G-15s attacked three squadrons of B-29 bombers (36 planes) escorted by approximately 100 F-80s and F-84s. Some of them admitted to have dropped biological weapons over China and northern Korea. After the Korea War anti-torture training was added. It also used chemical weapons and suppressed investigations into it. The SERE torture resistance training and its abuse are based on the bigger lie about the non-use of biological agents in the war on Korea. Most surprisingly, this commission, which came to be known as the International Scientific Commission, or ISC, was headed by one of the foremost British scientists of his time, Sir Joseph Needham. Following Bush's Axis of Evil speech in 2002, a nuke programme by the Nor K's seems a rational response. I've just learned of Trompé's AP interview https://

But even Napalm and the criminal destruction of North Korean dams were not the worst depravation the U. The Mi Gs were fast enough to engage the B-29s and extend away from their escorts. Their confessions were published in writing and publicized on Korean, Chinese and Russian radio. Torture of "prisoners" was "simulated" with the trainees. Its pilots dropped bombs with biological warfare agents over China and Korea. (The Geneva Protocol of 1925 generally prohibited the use of biological agents but the specific Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention was only developed and signed in 1972.) The U. and UK developed extensive biological warfare programs during World War II but those weapons were not put to use in the European theater. The ISC travelled to China and North Korea in the summer of 1952 and by the end of the year produced a report that corroborated the Chinese and North Korean claims that the U. had used biological weapons in an experimental fashion on civilian populations. v=35a T9ik Wcqc I was unaware of the existence of these confessions b, tell the truth that report would have come in real handy a coupla weeks ago.

But what it would not do is hit America and the only way it could ever come to America is with a missile.” Considering the historical record of the United States of committing and covering up warcrimes as well as its general belligerence, North Korea and other nations are probably well advised to stick to their nuclear and missile programs.

It is used to conceal formal coercive interrogation techniques & training, contrary to International & Domestic Law as well as the Geneva Conventions, even the UCMJ. The coercive training concealed within SERE training cover programmes is classified and compartmented at the highest levels.

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