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The program was launched on June 5, 1963, and the FAA estimated that by 1990 there would be a market for 500 SSTs.

The plane would climb precisely to minimize sonic boom levels.The director of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Najeeb Halaby, elected to improve upon the Concorde's design rather than compete head-to-head with it.The SST, which might have represented a significant advance over the Concorde, was intended to carry 250 passengers (a large number at the time, more than twice as many as Concorde), fly at Mach 2.7-3.0, and have a range of 4,000 mi (7,400 km).The improvement was closer to their goal, but still not optimal.By 1963, they extended the leading edge of the wing forward a bit to eliminate the need for the canard, and re-shaped the wing into a double-delta shape with a mild twist and camber.

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