Who is dolph ziggler dating in real life

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The most shocking relationship to realize exists in the wrestling world has to be The Undertaker and Michelle Mc Cool.

A fifteen year age gap makes it difficult to believe but the two have been together for many years now.

They met on during the original brand split and began dating.

The personal lives of wrestlers are very public, with the popularity of social media and wrestling websites on the rise.

The majority of wrestling couples share it due to the fact that no one really wants to keep something that big a secret, let alone put in the work that goes along with it.

A few couples try their best to keep it under wraps due to the public reaction to it.

It makes sense considering you find out common interests and develop chemistry with the people you spend the most time around. Some have their relationships also work on-screen, others make it well known and a few are still trying to hide it.

We’ll look at them all with fifteen of the top WWE romantic couples in WWE today.

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