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Now it's OK to show up in a hoodie and jeans and be comfortable, knowing damn straight you're going to spend your day doing all this over-the-top shit." Wasson's own look is far from OTT.

"I think it's less about being over-analytical with your style or your taste," she says.

"The supermodels would show up backstage and be wearing Versace," she explains.

"Even on your off days, you looked like you just walked off a photoshoot.

She wears what she wants, and now everyone else wants what she wears.

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Wasson, who has been the face of the international make-up brand for seven years, is similar to those figures in her ability to spot rising trends and make them ubiquitous, having started a certain movement within youth culture with her fashion sense and her reclaiming and repackaging of grunge culture. I think the new generation is truly keen on helping each other out and bringing everybody up.

This is no fashion faux pas; she looks considerably better than anyone I have ever had the pleasure of meeting, but she looks so girly.

This is Erin Wasson, the original Model Off Duty, whose idiosyncratic blend of sportswear, grunge and haphazard tailoring started a veritable fashion revolution in recent years.

Where are her denim cut-offs, we are all wondering. " She lifts the hem a little, exposing tanned Twiglet legs.

"It's from home, a woman in Texas, but I can't remember her name." Wasson, 27, hails from the Lone Star State, although her rough-dried, dirty-blonde waves and nonchalant leanness speak more of California, which she has since ' made her home.

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