Who is keith richards dating

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However, in most cases these women were celebrities in their own right: talented and beautiful – guiding the Stones through their success.Chrissie Shrimpton met Mick Jagger when she was still in school.They met in Studio 54 and Keith wrote in his notebook soon after, “she is the most beautiful specimen in the WORLD. …It’s her mind, her joy of life and she thinks this battered junkie is the guy she loves”.

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One of the bars, he says, one was on a table in front of the sofa where Miss Faithfull, fresh from a bath and wrapped in a huge rabbit-pelt rug, was reclining.On holiday in Morocco, Anita Pallenberg left Brian Jones for Keith Richards.She was with Richards between 19 but Keith claims that she also spent a night with Jagger in this time.The marriage was annulled in 1999 and it was said 'Miss You' was written for Hall.American model and actress, Patti Hansen married Keith Richards on his fortieth birthday.

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