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So when she came out with this summer, fans breathed a collective sigh of relief. “I guess I had always said I wanted to take a big break after that album,” Missy told me, “but then when it got time for me to, I guess, take a break, I’d reached a level of success in America that was pretty great and I guess my record company all thought that if I was to release another album soon after, that I could capitalize on that success and I could maybe take my success to the next level.

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Missy said performing for and interacting with fans changed her perspective on what she had thought was a more “selfish pursuit.” “Sarah Mc Lachlan invited me on her tour, the Lilith Fair tour and yeah, at that time I hadn’t played in years and I was kind of pretty skeptical about it.

Fifteen years ago, a little-known Geelong teenager named Missy Higgins supported early-2000s powerhouse George on a national tour at the height of their success. The fact was not lost on either Higgins or George lead singer Katie Noonan who, during each of their sets, took the time to reminisce about that first tour.

Fast forward to 2016 and Higgins, now 33, is on her own national tour accompanied by a symphony orchestra at each show. Higgins’ rise from greasy-haired (her words, not ours) homemade pants-wearing support act to bona fide star had never been more evident as she stood in front of around 50 other musicians – all there to play the music she wrote.

Higgins became another member of the orchestra, following cues from the conductor and letting other musicians shine during their big moments.

, which ended with all the flourish and fanfare you’d expect of a symphony performance.

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