Who is tupac dating

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The ultimate aim was for the gangs to unite and overthrow the government, but this plan never came to fruition.

With successful campaigns such as this one, it does make you wonder where Tupac would be today if he were still alive.

The intention of this movement was to encourage local gangs to combine their efforts and come together.Then, after the boy died, Tupac changed the name of his publishing company to “Joshua’s Dream” as a tribute.The artist’s relationship with death was prominent throughout his short life, which no doubt influenced his reaction to Joshua’s letter.Tupac always had a complicated relationship with the police.His mother was a Black Panther, a group formed to protest police brutality, and his music persistently discusses the police and their actions. ” Tupac and his fans suspected that it was a diss track aimed at Tupac, mocking his shooting in 1994.

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