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To compound the misery, Shirley made her last film in 1949. Their son, Charles Jr., was born in 1952, and daughter, Lori, in 1954.

She developed a strong interest in politics and in 1967 stood unsuccessfully for Congress on a ticket supporting the Vietnam War.

And it wasn’t even Harry Potter and his amazing phantasmagorical exploits.

But then, thanks to her obsessive mother, Shirley’s showbiz debut had been less than wholesome.

Struck by the child’s winsome personality, Educational signed her for 26 short films at a week — worth the equivalent of £468 in today’s money.

Eight of these were part of a sleazy series entitled Baby Burlesks, which the adult Shirley would describe as ‘a cynical exploitation of our childish innocence’ that ‘occasionally were racist or sexist’.

VERDICT: The fact his guitar case was not full of heroin, but prescription drugs, meant he got only a suspended sentence.

Have you ever wondered who was the greatest box-office star in Hollywood history? As we shall see later, this allegation was to cost Greene dear, but it was not entirely without some semblance of truth.Attempts to extend her career into young womanhood were a disaster.Her marriage in 1945, at 17, to film star John Agar, then a sergeant in the U. Army Air Force, produced one daughter, Linda, in 1948, but ended in a messy divorce, which highlighted Agar’s chronic drinking and serial infidelity. In 1950, she fell in love with California businessman Charles Alden Black, nine years her senior, who had never seen one of her films.JOSEF STALIN, the future Communist leader and brutal dictator, was arrested during a political meeting in 1902.VERDICT: He was eventually exiled for life to Siberia in 1913.

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