Will updating my ram make my computer faster

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To check more precisely we need to know 2 things to work out if lack of RAM is slowing a computer down: how much RAM we actually have and how much of that RAM is being used – if all of it is used up and none is free then we definitely need to add more RAM. Now open Task Manager by right clicking on an empty part of the taskbar (at the bottom of the screen) and selecting ‘Task Manager’.To find this out – first open as many programs as you would normally have open at the same time e.g. When Task Manager opens up click on the ‘Performance’ tab to see the RAM information.The amount of memory it uses depends on how intensive its operations are.If the browser has 10 tabs open, that will take more memory to run than if you simply have one tab open.Whether or not an upgrade in RAM will make the browser work better depends on how much memory is already in the system.If you already have more than enough memory to run the browser, an upgrade will have little to no effect.If you work online, your Internet speed and computer's efficiency are extremely important.

In our example we have about 2million K which therefore equals 2GB of RAM. Also underneath ‘Physical Memory’ the Available figure tells you how much RAM you have left i.e.

As only half our RAM is being used we do not but how much?

Look under the ‘Commit Charge’ section and you will see the Peak figure which tells you the maximum amount of memory the computer has used since it was switched on – your computer needs to have a total RAM of at least that figure with plenty of room to spare. if your Total in Physical Memory was 0.5GB (total you Under ‘Physical Memory’ the Total figure tells you how much RAM the computer has in MB – in our example we have about 2000 MB which equals 2GB of RAM. Also underneath ‘Physical Memory’ the Available figure tells you how much RAM you have left i.e.

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