Wwe wrestlers dating other wrestlers

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He followed in the footsteps of his father and grandfather.He and Lauren met on the set of Game Plan while Johnson was going through a divorce with his first wife.Others like having a separate partner outside the limelight.More than a few wrestlers have burned through marriages and settled down with someone a fraction of their age.13 DDP (60) – Brenda Nair (52) Diamond Dallas Page is the consummate good guy in and out of the squared circle.

Sometimes it’s better to marry outside of the industry and that’s what he’s found with Kristin, who is about 10 years younger. 10 Ric Flair (67) – Wendy Barlow (56) Ric Flair has been on the winning end of multiple wrestling championships.

The fast-paced lifestyle of professional wrestlers puts a great deal of strain on their ability to maintain a healthy, happy monogamous relationship.

Once these monsters of the squared circle grow weary of nightly hookups and the trail of dalliances, some look to industry-insiders for a soft shoulder.

He has a rock of a woman to hold the family together through thick and thin.

14 John Cena (39) – Nikki Bella (32) John Cena stands among the biggest names in pro wrestling history.

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