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So this is evidence of bad game rather than a hired actress.

Nonetheless, just keep watching for such consistently bad game getting such a good reaction – that’s the tell. She may actually have looked directly at him briefly (hard to tell, might have been at the shopper walking by).

– She’s bizarrely receptive to his constant intrusive questioning and challenging. – They redact her ((unique animal)) [8] even though only someone who knew her really well could use that to identify her – such a person would likely recognise her voice, fashion, mannerisms and jawline. Given this incongruity it would be natural to show how Deepak convinces her to abandon the friend and yet the next section is completely muted. One of the key moments (and higher-level skill displays) is simply removed. Look carefully and you can see the cold hand of terror grip her spine.

When the audio comes back in at we have no idea how he pulled it off. – This is the first in a series of scripted “now I’m sexual” scenes where she is physically recoiling.

Deepak pre-frames the video to tell you what you’re going to see, setting the frame so you are less likely interpret the evidence a different way.

This is an old marketing trick and not in itself suspicious.

Sit down in your most comfy chair, pour a cup of tea and enjoy the ride.

I’m going to ask you dear readers to do something rather unpleasant – to sit through an entire Deepak Wayne infield video. Ask yourself “does this look like a natural spontaneous conversation between two people who just met?

– The entire set has been a barrage of intrusive boring questions. His ‘Ultimate Seduction Model’ has so far not involved any actual game.This is what makes the expose so much more delicious. I have no idea why he’s so retarded and yet she hooks enthusiastically.Sometimes girls are just very receptive and she may think he’s about to ask directions.[6] – Consider how chatty she is, without pausing to think or form her words, to talk about something incredibly boring to a stranger. Not only is this awful game but why isn’t such private information redacted considering city names are?If this happened to me for real, I’d be thinking “this girl is not right in the head”. – Consider how fast she spits her lines, how little she has to think, and how odd the timing is for bouncing him to the corner.

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