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Depends on what she likes, what she's interested in, maybe she has some hobby?If she watches movies then find out what kind and take her to the cinema for a premiere (just make sure she was not already on the premiere of the movie). A week in might be a bit early for fancy gifts, I'd recommend an experience or a consumable.As to what to get and how much to spend, that's not the important part.

If you can't think of anything good, then just hold off. Comments such as "buy her toilet brush" are being read, but people who take their time and try to type something valuable get no attention. as long as the present is tied to you two spending time together theres nothing wrong with it.

In particular, when this technique is combined with the SIMS technique, it provides an efficient way to solve a number of geochronological problems encountered in China and worldwide.

Whether you’ve found the love of your life already or you’re searching this Valentine’s Day, there’s a good chance you have enlisted the help of a dating app.

Take her to a nice place first of all, a place that have nice views and its nice to walk, chill and look around, maybe a market (not the markets in downtown crowd af) some place with nature but not to far away from the city, if you know something about her childhood or that she likes just buy something related to that, shes gonna like it and feel like you listen when she told you something about her, you don't need anything fancy.

Some of the things depends in where you live tho, just try to do something different and nice, maybe instead of a market you can research for a fair in your town, just give her a nice day, different and a meaningful present.

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